Screenplay Consultation

Consultation ranges from an in-depth analysis of the story, structure, style, concept, characters and dialogue to addressing issues of formatting and proofreading for spelling, typos, grammar and format.

Upon request, we will provide you with detailed notes and suggest revisions to help fix any issues in your screenplay. Private consultations in person or over the telephone/Skype are available.

 Scheduling & Budgeting

We will generate a shooting schedule and/or film budget for your project. We have expertise in both narrative and documentary films of any length. You will be provided with a quality budget that you can present to prospective funders.

General Consultation

We will provide strategic advice on fundraising options, grant applications, crowdfunding, festival circuit and distribution based on your specific needs.

***Pactum Films does not provide any legal services. Please consult a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction for legal advice.

​Please contact us for more information and fees.